Free Strings VST Plugins


Matnitron screenshots
Matnitron 3.06/5 17 votes

Matnitron is a one-preset strings module with ADSR envelope control, a multipurpose strings section virtual instrument created by Safwan Matni.


Kamanjat screenshots
Kamanjat 3.00/5 15 votes

Kamanjat also known as Kaman, is a middle Eastern Strings Module created by Safwan Matni, with an ADSR envelope control (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release),

DSK Overture

DSK Overture screenshots
DSK Overture 4.13/5 8 votes

DSK Overture is a Classic orchestra virtual instruments from DSK Music. With this orchestra VSTi you can play full 4 layer sounds, or 4

SoundKeys Cellofan

SoundKeys Cellofan screenshots
SoundKeys Cellofan 4.44/5 16 votes

SoundKeys Cellofan is a Virtual Cello Plugin from SoundKeys VST. a Simple plugin but have a realistic sound.