Free Idiophone VST Plugins

Necromare Toys

Necromare Toys screenshots
Necromare Toys 3.68/5 19 votes

Toys is a children musical instruments simulator created by necromare (Legomegacy).2 Childrens instruments are replicated here, The toy piano and toy Xylophone.

Jessie Music Box

Jessie Music Box screenshots
Jessie Music Box 4.71/5 7 votes

Jessie Music Box is a free virtual instrument by Necromare music, the 2nd version of The Old Music Box, but more clean sound revised

Old Music Box

Old Music Box screenshots
Old Music Box 4.73/5 11 votes

Old Music Box is a free music box virtual instrument, developed by Necromare, using sound samples from eliasheuninck

Necromare Celesta

Necromare Celesta screenshots
Necromare Celesta 3.77/5 48 votes

Necromare Celesta is a free virtual instrument plug-in with a soft dream like sound sampled over 4 octaves. plus a body knock sound at